Flensted Mobiles Metamorphosis



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Designed by Ole Flensted

In latin ‘metamorphosis’ means change. And that is exactly, what this elegant air-sculpture makes possible for you.

Because you are the one who can change its form and movements by adjusting the steel loops.

Experiment, and you will discover new, fascinating forms and shadows when the mobile revolves in its altered orbits.

Are you by any chance interested in finding out more about the nature of changes and transformations?

If so, we can recommend sitting under Metamorphosis with Ovid’s masterpiece ‘Metamorphosis’ in your hands.

This is a classical epic of fifteen cantos in which Ovid retells the history of all the world via mythological material – focusing in particular on those which involve some form of transformation or other. 

Material: Stainless steel, Wood

Size H x W cm: 40 x 40 

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