"Artique Objectz is more than just home decoration products; it's a story of finding home where art and objects meet. Join us on this journey, as each of our products brings life and character into your space."

Artique Objectz

In the Heart of Artadia,
We Found Home

In the boundless heart of creativity, we discovered our home in Artadia. Artique Objectz was born from the desire to bring warmth and beauty into every home, becoming a part of each individual's unique story.

The Triangle of Comfort

Our logo is a triangle, a shape that reflects place and home. Within that triangle, the initial "A" is embedded, not only representing Artique but also reminding us that in every home, there is an artistic touch that makes it special.

Arrow of Optimism

The upward arrow in our logo is a promise of optimism. As time passes, we grow and evolve with you. We believe that in every purchase from Artique Objectz, there is hope and inspiration for brighter days.

 The Box of Possibilities

The box is a symbol of balance and order, and within it lies the initial "O" representing Objectz. These are the objects we proudly present, created with geometry that not only depicts beauty but also fulfills your urban needs.

 Urban Stuff, Urban Dreams

We understand that every city has its own story and needs. The geometric shape in our logo is a representation of urban necessities, bringing products that are not only functional but also align with modern lifestyles.

A Piece of Artadia

The "A" icon, also a part of Artadia, is a reminder that we are not just a brand but also a part of a rich heritage and tradition. We take pride in being a member of the Artadia family, sharing the beauty of art with the world.

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