Suck UK Mixtape Notebooks



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Pack of three pocket notebooks.

  • Each the size of a cassette tape.
  • Fits perfectly in your pocket.
  • Set of three, 80 pages per book.
  • Made with recycled paper.
  • Extra long ribbons look like broken tape.

Ever so retro. C30 C60 C90 Go! The cassette tape was such a hit because it was pocket sized, portable and you could use it to record whatever you liked. Our nostalgic notebooks are equally pocketable, portable and useful for recording whatever you like. Our recycled design classics are also made from recycled paper.

Designed and made by Suck UK

100 x 12 x 66mm | 50.5g 

Materials and environmental

Paper Product  All paper and card materials used in our products are partially or fully recycled. Paper is fully recyclable.
Fabric (Polyester)  Synthetic fibres tightly woven making a highly durable and resilient material.  

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