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Smart Storage Solutions For The Kitchen

Turn Chaos To Calm With These Space-Saving Designs

September 29, 2023

By Joseph Joseph Indonesia

There’s a lot that goes on in the kitchen: meals are being made, people are popping in and out to grab items from the fridge, the kettle’s being boiled for another round of teas and coffees. It’s the busiest part of the home and one where space is usually tight.

So, if the cutlery drawer is causing nightmares or you dare not open a cluttered cupboard for fear of what may fall out, our smart storage solutions will ease your worries. Designed to make the best use of the space you have, get ready to turn kitchen chaos to calm in 3, 2, 1…

DrawerStore™ Expanding Cookware Organiser

Pots, pans and their respective lids are a bit of a nuisance to keep neat and tidy in the kitchen. Our expanding cookware organiser solves this dilemma, offering plenty of space to stack a variety of pots, pans and lids in one adjustable, easy-access design.


DrawerStore™ Expandable Cutlery Tray

We know that your cutlery drawer needs to store more than just knives, forks and spoons, so we designed our expandable cutlery tray to accommodate an array of small and large kitchen utensils, too.


CupboardStore™ Expandable Tiered Organiser

Create space as and when you need it with this expandable design. It organises the cupboard and makes it easy to find items.


CupboardStore™ Pan Lid Holders

Make misplaced pan lids a thing of the past with these simple yet effective pan lid holders. They mount onto the inside of the cupboard door, making it much easier to access the lid you need.


DoorStore™ Chop 2-piece Chopping Board Set

Our two-piece chopping board set is ideal for the one who wants to store bulkier kitchen essentials out of sight. The slimline storage case is easy to install on the inside of a cupboard door while the chopping boards themselves feature knife-friendly cutting surfaces and non-slip feet.


CupboardStore™ Under-shelf Spice Rack

Transform unused cupboard space with this ingenious, under-shelf spice rack. It makes finding the right spice jar a lot easier too.


CupboardStore™ Film, Foil and Bag Organiser

Just when you thought you couldn’t fit much more into the cupboard, our under-shelf organiser appears to maximise every inch of space. Another easy-to-install design, this one lets you store cling films, foils and rolls of bin liner neatly in the cupboard.


Podium™ 5-piece Storage Container Set

Not only does this sleek storage container set look great on the kitchen counter, it also makes it easy to access each of the five easy-pour jars.


CounterStore™ Steel Worktop Organiser

Transform the countertop with stainless-steel organisation. This design lets you store knives, gadgets and other kitchen utensils in one place. It also includes an oak chopping board that stores neatly at the back.

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